About Us

Hi, I am Emma, and I love to cook. While my husband (Oliver) and I have different interests and hobbies, cooking is our middle ground.

We love to come together and create recipes that our kids, friends, and family love. It is our way of connecting with others and bringing everyone together to enjoy a delicious meal.

Emma and Oliver

One of the things we enjoy the most is experimenting with different recipes. Oliver and I try to stay fit, so we experiment with recipes from different diets to see what works best for us. We also try to inculcate a healthy lifestyle in the kids without giving up on things they like, such as sweets.

We are always coming up with unique categories and recipes in our kitchen. Some of the other hobbies I indulge in include:

  • Painting
  • Writing
  • Photography
  • DIY projects, such as making candles
  • And, of course, cooking healthy recipes that help burn fat or detox the body

On the other hand, my husband Oliver is good at:

  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Baking
  • Watching movies
  • And cooking diet-friendly recipes, wild recipes, and much more

The secret to our creative recipes is that we live in the countryside and grow many wild plants, herbs, and spices in our backyard. Because of this, our food always has a touch of nostalgia, as it represents who we are. You can also grow such items in your backyard and create amazing recipes.

No matter what you want to eat, you will find it on our blog, depending on your goals. We cater to everyone, such as people who:

  • Follow low-carb diets
  • Are busy professionals
  • Follow gluten-free and paleo diets
  • Are vegan
  • Have a sweet tooth and need healthy dessert recipes
  • And much more

Regardless of what kind of food you want, you will find it on our blog because we are masters at creating diverse recipes.

Oliver loves to bring his unique take on different recipes, and so do I. Food is something we love, and we don’t shy away from creating and experimenting in our kitchen.

If you are looking for recipes that will change your life by adding more flavors to them without adding calories, then you can go through everything we offer.

About WildCook

WildCook.co.uk is a labor of love for my husband and me, as we have worked hard to create something worthwhile for people that want to change their lifestyles.

We are also open to criticism because we want to cater to the people that read our blog. You can always leave a comment at the bottom of our recipe to tell us what you want to see more of and how we can improve.

We focus on our readers, which is why we take your suggestions seriously. So, try our incredible recipes today and let us know if you like them.

We would love your experience with our creative and unique recipes. We look forward to adding more flavor and spice to your life.