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Introducing the Electric Can Opener – an innovative and easy-to-use product that makes opening cans a breeze!

With just the press of a button, you can quickly open any size can with precision and accuracy. Our must-have kitchen gadget safely cuts the inside of the bottle cap and seals the edges perfectly, allowing you to save uneaten canned food.

Works with all shapes of cans – square, round, and oval.

This electric can opener is powered by batteries (not included) and is designed with durable ABS material to prevent accidental scratches from your fingers. It’s also easy to clean; simply wipe down the product with a damp cloth.

Moreover, it’s small and compact in size, making it suitable for any kitchen countertop, or you can carry it with you on a picnic.

14 reviews for Electric Can Opener

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    Our counter top can opener failed and we replaced it with this one. What a great choice. Easy to use. Rounds sharp edges. Magnet holds lid. No counter clutter. We have used less and less cans over the past decade or so and having a counter top opener take up counter spade seemed unnecessary. This was a great find. Quality item

    March 5, 2022
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    Lisa Harris

    I was hesitant to spend the money on this can opener, but after reading the reviews, I decided to try it. I have fibromyalgia which makes my muscles weak and I also have neuropathy in my hands. This is perfect for me because you literally just position it on the can and press a button to start and press the button again to stop. No struggling anymore to manually open a can. This would be great for anyone with arthritis too. Highly recommend!

    March 5, 2022
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    J M

    This can opener is everything it claims to be really helps. Save time and energy. It leaves a very clean and smooth edge. As long as you don’t run it around and around and around they can. if you listen, you can hear when it passes the starting point and stop it then. I would definitely get it again.

    February 17, 2022
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    I purchased this as a gift for someone who recently became disabled and lost all functionality of one arm (due to a surgical procedure gone wrong). The gift recipient has been having a hard time doing regular daily activities, and casually mentioned that they didn’t realize they wouldn’t be able to use a manual can opener until they tried it. So I surprised her and had this can opener sent to her, just hoping that it would solve her problem and make it easier to do at least one task in her day. I had no experience with it, so I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.She was surprised when she received the package but used it right away, and she called me in TEARS saying she had no idea something like this even existed and it was SO EASY to use! She said she just placed it on top of the can, and it did all of the work for her! She didn’t even have to hold it on there. She’s used it countless times since then, and she loves it! Total win.With that being said, I have no used it myself (but I saw her using it on video chat), and it looked so easy. It’s definitely a disability-friendly kitchen item.

    January 14, 2022
  • Avatar

    Michelle McFadden

    Once I learned how to use this can opener, I very much enjoy using it! I have hands free and can walk away to grab something else while this can opener does the work for me!

    January 13, 2022
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    Lisa H.

    Seems a little gimmicky… but it totally works! My mom doesn’t have good hands, and finds it difficult to use a manual can opener of any kind – conventional or safety, horizontal or vertical. This is easy to use: Load up with batteries (I used rechargeables), place over the can, push the button, and let it do its thing. The sound changes a little, when it has made the full rotation, and push the button again to disengage the unit. The lid may lift right off, or you might have to use a ‘bottle opener’ if you don’t want to use your fingers to lift the edge. Watch the video – it will all make sense.

    January 7, 2022
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    A truly helpful device, especially while recovering from shoulder surgery! A definite must-have for anyone with arthritis or with diminished strength! Very easy (& fun!) to use, plus adds safety by eliminating the sharp edges of can lids. Perfect!

    November 15, 2021
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    Actually bought this for one of my grands to give to mom on Mother’s Day, so I’ve not used it. However forgot I bought her a can opener at Christmas so I will get this one for myself!

    July 1, 2021
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    Katie Crowe

    My only complaint is that it takes twice as long as I anticipated to open a standard sized can. But you just place it on the can, hit the button and walk away. So super easy and a nice break for my sad hands. But again, I just wish it would go a tiny bit faster.

    June 12, 2021
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    It does what it is intended to do. And no sharp edges. Hoping for longevity

    May 30, 2021

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Electric Can Opener
4.86 out of 5